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Great Day Trip Ideas: Small Vineyard Tours of Niagara

Small vineyard tours of Niagara are a wonderful way  to experience the beauty and the landscapes of Southern Ontario. Visiting a small boutique artisanal vineyards for a day is a special way to experience Niagara’s rich wine culture, rolling hills, and fresh air. By producing limited batches of wine, boutique wineries can better monitor and produce quality wines. If you’re a consumer, often the only way to purchase boutique wines is on a wine tour, where you can deal directly with the winemakers themselves. Taking small vineyard tours of Niagara can be an exciting and luxurious way to taste and learn about wine making in the region and can offer insight into the process of making boutique wines that differ from larger wineries.  

Difference Between a Vineyard and a Winery

First of all, it’s important to make the distinction between a small vineyard and a winery, even though the words are often used interchangeably.  A vineyard is the land on which the grapes are grown and the winery is the building in which wine is produced. Wineries and vineyards can exist on the same piece of land, but this is not always the case.  Some people own vineyards but don’t produce any wine. They just grow the grapes and sell them to winemakers. As well, there are wineries that are not connected to vineyards; this can be the case for either large or small wineries.

Small Versus Large

Small vineyards of Niagara are abundant. While they may not have the ability to produce mass quantities of wine and the sprawling, spectacular views that  larger vineyards can offer,  boutique vineyards offer "real terroir” (a sense of place) in their uniqueness and high quality of their wine. Batches that are smaller in size put the focus on quality assurance and produce wine rich in aromas and colours with velvety finishes.  In smaller vineyards, grapes are handpicked and hand sorted, and fermented in small vessels to increase the intensity of concentration and flavour.
Small vineyard tours can also offer a truly intimate wine tasting experience. With smaller vineyards, wine makers and owners often feel a strong understanding of the land and the wines that they produce.  Wine makers  at small wineries are catalysts for creating wines with outstanding qualities and personalities. Owners of smaller vineyards are also most likely to concentrate on growing the best grapes from the soil and the vintage, rather than increasing the volume of grapes grown to make more money.
Wineries such as Hidden Bench Vineyards, Tawse Winery, and Malivoire Wine Company are a few to consider, and the most you can usually visit are four to five in a day. Rather than going to the trouble of making all the arrangements yourself, the easiest and more luxurious way to experience small vineyard tours of Niagara is to book a tour through providers such as Wine Tours Toronto, which offers transportation pick up and drop off, and knowledgeable tour guides, who have strong relationships with the best small vineyards in the Niagara region.  

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