Touring Small Wineries in Niagara Creates Memories to Last a Lifetime

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Touring Small Wineries in Niagara Creates Memories to Last a Lifetime

Touring Small Wineries in Niagara Creates Memories that Will Last a Lifetime


Niagara’s Best: Small Wineries Create Intimate Experience

Niagara is one of the world’s most up-and-coming regions for producing great wines. Over the years, small wineries have grown into major players, winning international awards for their great wines. Many of these big wineries have great tours that take participants through their facilities. These tours are confined to the individual winery – which is great for fans of that particular vintner; those looking for a more quaint and intimate experience will want a different adventure! Touring small wineries in Niagara will give participants an opportunity to sample different wines from small, unique companies that have plucked something new off of the vines for you.
Great tour companies will partner with a vast selection of small wineries and make tours accessible. Picking up guests at locations in Toronto, Oakville and Burlington takes the stress of driving out of the equation. This also allows people to take in the sights of historic and beautiful Niagara en route to the wineries. Touring small wineries in Niagara is an experience you won’t soon forget!
A great wine tour will entail more than just a few wineries and a few glasses of wine. Going beyond the "run of the mill”, great wine tours will follow a theme that speaks to you. The start of the spring season means that new vintages are ready to taste – and what better way to experience these new tastes than to enjoy parings that overwhelm the senses! Why not treat those wine-loving moms to a memorable afternoon out? Mother’s Day tours are popular with great wine tour companies. Touring Niagara’s Twenty Valley’s finest wineries with Mom offers up a glass at each of the three wineries. A three course lunch, complete with a gift for Mom, is a perfect way to spend time together and celebrate all that our Moms do for us.

Set Sail for Ontario’s Wine Country!

One wine tour company offers Ontario’s only boat wine tour. Wine Tours Toronto sets sail out of Toronto Harbour with Port Dalhousie as its destination! Enjoy beautiful Lake Ontario. Upon arriving in Niagara, participants continue their day by touring small wineries in Niagara. These wineries include The Foreign Affair Winery, Hidden Beach Estate Winery, Westcott Wineries, finishing up with Aure Wines. The 41-foot yacht will bring you back to Toronto after a day you won’t soon forget! Private sailings are also available for groups of two to 14 people.
Lastly, winter wine tours introduce guests to what makes Niagara famous: icewine. Icewine is a decadently sweet wine that is often paired with desserts. The grapes are pressed while frozen, hence the name. Niagara is one of the world’s most premier regions for icewine production, having been blessed with the ideal climate. Between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario, the micro-climate in the region between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario creates some award-winning selections. Icewine tours begin in November and carry through the winter into late March. Touring small wineries in Niagara during this time will give guests an opportunity to try some outstanding icewines.
Choosing a great wine tour company that introduces new and unique tasting wines from smaller wineries creates a more intimate tasting experience. Try touring small wineries in Niagara this season and rediscover a love for great tasting wine!

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Experience The Range of differences the wineries of the Twenty Valley have to offer. “Wine is bottled poetry”. Come and drink the poetry of the Twenty Valley wineries, enjoy life and discover amazing vineyards & wineries. Tour length: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm.

The Award Winning Wine Tour

All wineries have their unique character – unusual stories all their own – you will enjoy the wines as well as the eclectic character of the winery. Vintners in our own backyard are creating some of the best wines in the world.

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